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HDMI output...on a printer?

The two latest photo printers from Sony offer HDMI output.

Sony's latest crop of photo printers, the DPP-FP95 and DPP-FP75, have a 3.6- and 3.2-inch LCD display and a new icon-ridden graphic interface for PC-free image editing. They reportedly print a 4x6-inch photo at 300x300 DPI resolution in 45 seconds using dye-sublimation.

Finally, if LCD just isn't doing it for you, you can also hook it up to your TV via its HDMI output.

Wait, what? Yes, this will appeal to the following consumer:

1.) Has an HD TV

2.) Doesn't have a camera with HDMI-out

3.) Would rather not buy a camera with HDMI-out

4.) Has a $299.99 desperation to look at HD photo slide shows on a TV

I'm sure at least one person out there will pay to get this functionality, but I'm already scared. Wait, does this mean I'll have to start actually watching people's slide shows? My old excuse is about to be obsolete...

"I don't watch TV unless it's in HD."

Thanks, Sony.