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HDCP deflects MovieBeam on Mitsubishis

HDCP deflects MovieBeam on Mitsubishis

Mitsubishi-brand TV owners are having problems receiving HD content via the new MovieBeam service, with the box's high-definition copy protection (HDCP) being the likely culprit. Mitsubishians who input the MovieBeam box via HDMI--the only way to watch movies in high-def through the service--are finding themselves handicapped by HDCP, with only the option to watch in standard def available. The standard-definition analog outputs function properly. Originally the problem was believed to be the digital video recorder integrated with some of Mitsubishi's sets, but further digging has uncovered that most, if not all of the company's sets are currently MovieBeam-HD-incompatible. MovieBeam's rep has stated that this "relatively simple fix" is a top priority, and a firmware update will be sent as soon as possible. In the meantime, MovieBeam is offering a refund of the $30 activation fee for anyone affected by the problem. Mitsubishi's rep said he had not been aware of the issue until contacted by CNET but noted that the company would do "everything they can" on its end. HDMI had no comment, but that's likely because it's a metal port on the back of a TV.

For the time being, CNET has added an editor's note to our First Take regarding the problem. We will keep you updated with any further developments. Hopefully, this is the last HDCP mishap we'll run across. Blu-ray and HD-DVD--consider yourselves warned.

Thanks to CNET reader Michael Boccio for clueing us in.