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HD streaming added to Netflix-compatible Samsung Blu-ray decks

A new firmware upgrade adds high-def Netflix support to the Samsung BD-P2550 and BD-P2500.

CBS Interactive

As expected, Samsung has added support for HD streaming of Netflix video to its BD-P2500 and BD-P2550 players. The upgrade is available as a free firmware update (players should automatically prompt users to install the software update, or DIYers can download it from Samsung's support site and burn it to disc). Still no word on the promised DTS-HD Master Audio support for these players, but that will likely come in a subsequent firmware update soon.

The Netflix HD catalog is currently just a fraction of Netflix's streaming selection (300 titles out of around 12,000), but it will undoubtedly expand over time. HD compatibility was available first on the Xbox 360 last month, but--as we reported in October--all Netflix-compatible devices should be getting the HD upgrade soon. Indeed, there are signs that the high-def Netflix streaming will be hitting the remaining Netflix-compatible devices--TiVo DVRs, the LG BD300, and the Roku Netflix Player--in the near future, all via free firmware updates.