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HD DVD for $219, Blu-ray for $270

It's finally getting affordable to buy a Blu-ray or HD DVD player, but it's still maddening to have to choose one format or another. Is buying both the answer?


Slowly but surely, prices are inching down on Blu-ray and HD DVD players. Today's deal to beat: Amazon has the Toshiba HD-A3 for $218.60 and the Samsung BD-P1400 for $269.98. The latter entitles you to five free movies, while the Toshiba nets you 10. Both players qualify for free shipping.

For the video purists out there, it's worth noting that the Toshiba player tops out at 1080i, while the Samsung can blast 1080p. My eyes can't tell a difference, but that's just me.

So, back to the big question: Is it time to pull the trigger and pick a format? Pony up and go for both? Or wait for some kind of end to this senseless war? Here at Cheapskate Central, we're firmly entrenched in the HD DVD camp, but I couldn't give you a compelling reason as to why (except perhaps for Battlestar Galactica Season 1, which just came out on HD DVD). Anyway, discuss. [via Dealhack]