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HD DVD fanatics to attempt Amazon store run to boost format

HD DVD backers over at AVS forum are calling April 15 not Tax Day but Buy HD DVDs from Amazon Day!

Blu-ray only studios take notice! Columbia Pictures

April 15 may be known as Tax Day, but the HD DVD backers over at AVS forum are calling it something else: Buy HD DVDs from Amazon Day! As one forum member put it: "The idea is to show support for HD DVD by buying movies on a specific day. There is no better way to show support for HD DVD than by backing it financially. That is the language the movie studios understand best. If there is a strong demand for HD DVD software, then hopefully Blu-ray-only studios will at least go neutral."

So far about a hundred folks are on board, including Mr. Stroke, Jerry Curl, and Chewbaccacabra. The only problem is that Blu-ray fanboys on another thread are plotting a possible counterattack. "The red army is planning an attack against the ever-increasing blu army's sales ranking on Amazon," wrote tindizzle. "We must fight back! Everyone will buy at least TWO not one BDs on April 15th (or whatever date the red army has planned). We will be victorious! Who's with me?"

D-Day, or HD DVD Day as it were, has sparked a lot of bravado from Blu-ray backers. Yesterday, MSpeed6 entered the "Buy HD DVDs from Amazon Day" thread and calmly declared that he would blow up his PS3 on YouTube if, "You guys can get any HD DVD to spike higher than #9." The reference was to the Casino Royale Blu-ray, which hit #9 yesterday on Amazon and currently sits at #8.

You gotta applaud this kind of grassroots effort, even if it's totally stupid and a complete waste of time. Heck, if it's any help, I'll put in my preorder for The Big Lebowski HD DVD (May 29 release date) on April 15--and then write it off as a tax deduction because I, like, need it for my job and stuff.