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HD DVD blowout

With the HD DVD standard officially dead, Best Buy appears to be clearing the decks for an all-Blu-ray onslaught.

Get your HD DVDs while you can.

The largest big-box electronics retailer in the U.S. looks to be clearing its HD DVD disc inventory. TG Daily reports that a Best Buy in Dublin, Calif., has all of its HD DVD movies on sale for $9.99, and all HD DVD TV shows for 70 percent off.

HD DVD sale
A Best Buy in Dublin, Calif., blows out its HD DVD stock at $9.99 each. TG Daily

TG Daily also checked Best Buy stores in Chicago, and in one case, HD DVD movies were nowhere to be found. Upon further questioning of employees, it was discovered that HD DVDs could be bought from the inventory in the back for 30 percent off. But not for long, as that particular store said it plans to send all of its inventory back to the manufacturers.

Toshiba was the leading producer of HD DVD players, but said in February it planned to cease production of them. That was just after all of the major Hollywood studios went Blu-ray only. So, this news isn't surprising as much as it is fortunate for HD DVD owners still licking their wounds from the recently concluded format war.