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HBO streaming content comes to Dish Online

Also available to Dish Online customers is Cinemax content via Max Go. In order to access the programming, however, people must already subscribe to HBO and Cinemax.

Dish Online's HBO promotion.
Dish Online's HBO promotion. Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET

Dish Online viewers can now watch HBO and Cinemax content.

More than 1,800 pieces of HBO's and Cinemax's programming, including movies, television shows, and other content, are now available on the satellite provider's online-streaming service. However, only Dish subscribers who pay for access to those movie channels will be able to watch the content on Dish Online, the company said in its announcement yesterday.

"Dish Network customers with an HBO or Cinemax subscription can also get new series titles after their premiere--plus bonus content including interviews, recaps and behind-the-scenes extras--none of which are available through Netflix's online service," Dave Shull, senior vice president of programming for Dish Network, said in a statement.

Dish Network's dig against Netflix is telling. HBO has been saying it wants full control of its programming ever since it launched the HBO Go streaming service last year.

HBO is apparently willing to break its own rule for Dish--but not for Netflix.

A "high-placed Time Warner executive" told The Hollywood Reporter in January that in order for Netflix to even have a shot at getting HBO content, Netflix would need to start charging subscribers $20 per month, rather than the $7.99 per month they currently pay for streaming only.

In addition to Dish Online, HBO hinted earlier this week that its programming will soon be coming to the Apple iPad and iPhone and to Android-based devices. A video promoting the new option flashed "05.02.11," indicating that an app would be launching on those platforms early next month.