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HBO on Chromecast to make 'Game of Thrones' more portable?

An HBO Go app for Google's HDMI dongle is being actively considered by the pay channel, according to a network rep.

Could you soon carry around your HBO subscription in your pocket to search out bigger screens for enjoying "Game of Thrones"? CNET

There could soon be an even smaller means of (legally) carrying around "Game of Thrones" in your pocket.

HBO's Laura Young told Variety this week that the network is "actively exploring supporting Chromecast as another way for our subscribers to enjoy HBO Go."

HBO customers can currently watch some of the sexiest and goriest content on television via the HBO Go app on just about any device, but adding compatibility with Google's new low-cost HDMI dongle would up the ante considerably. While HBO's paid content is already essentially portable on the tiny screens of most mobile devices, a Chromecast app would allow a subscription to be transported to any screen of any size, anywhere.

Blew all your money on a sweet new 4k screen and can no longer afford HBO? Better make friends with someone who has one, and a new Chromecast, quick.

HBO's Young wouldn't comment specifically on how soon an HBO Go app for Chromecast might be available, but previous reports that mentions of HBO have been spotted in Chromecast's underlying code seem encouraging. Alternately, it is already possible to view HBO content via a Chrome tab streamed to a Chromecast.

Currently, Chromecast allows for simple, native viewing of Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play content, as well as that ability to throw a Chrome tab to a bigger screen. There's also been word that Vimeo and Redbox Instant apps are in the works.

What do you think? Is Chromecast hot enough that other streaming services will soon feel the pressure to follow suit? I'm looking at you, Hulu.

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