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HBO makes that Game of Thrones coffee cup disappear

The Lord of Light's magic wasn't needed.


The cup is now gone when streaming Game of Thrones on HBO Now and HBO Go.

HBO/Screenshot by CNET

It didn't take long for the internet to point out that Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones had a "latte" problem in the form of a coffee cup left in a shot. Thanks to the ancient magic of video editing, the problem is now gone -- at least for some.

At some point since the gaffe made headlines, a production member -- or maybe a wizard -- removed the cup, kind of like how the Night King wanted to make humanity disappear. The coffee cup was removed from the shot on HBO Go and HBO Now, as spotted earlier Tuesday by The Verge. However, it remains at the time of publishing for people streaming the show via Hulu and Amazon.

The coffee cup is still in the shot as of Tuesday when streaming via Amazon.

HBO/ Screenshot by CNET

Now at least some fans of the show can put their focus back on the tension of the scene rather than wondering how Daenerys takes her coffee.

HBO owned up to the caffeinated mistake on Monday, saying the cup was from craft services and not a slyly placed product placement by Starbucks.

Although it's unclear what editing software was used to take out the coffee cup of dragons, Adobe tweeted Monday how it was able to edit out the problem with its software.

An HBO spokesperson confirmed that the cup was removed but declined to comment further.

Originally reported on May 7, 8:29 a.m. PT.
Update 9:49 a.m.PT:
Adds further comment from HBO.