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Hayes cuts modem pool prices

The rack-mounted 8- or 16-port Century 2 modem pool sees price cuts of up to 40 percent.

Hayes Microcomputer today announced price cuts of up to 40 percent on its Century 2 line of remote access products.

The rack-mounted Century 2 modem pool is used by online service providers and corporations to allow users to dial into the Internet or a company-wide network.

The Century 2 allows access at up to 33.6 kbps and comes in 8- or 16-port versions. The 16-port version, originally priced at $7,495, now costs $4,485, a reduction of 40 percent. The 8-port version was $3,999 and is now $2,700, a reduction of 32 percent.

Hayes says that the Century 2 products also offer features for simplifying system management. They also include the ability to configure modems simultaneously from a remote location and diagnostic tools for automated equipment testing. The modems' software can be upgraded to newer communications standards.