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Hawaii, here we come

Senior Associate Editor Jasmine France crawls inside an insanely large piece of luggage.

It dawned on me yesterday that luggage reps have to carry around all their luggage samples in an even larger piece of luggage. When representatives from Targuscame to meet with Jasmine and I yesterday to show off their new (and extremely well-designed) line of Apple MacBook bags, they had to roll them up to our office in this absurdly corpulent roller bag.

While their new MacBook-friendly line of Radius bags will soon be available on Amazon, this Targus-emblazoned megabag is made exclusively for marketing reps--and is not sold anywhere. Luckily for us, it's not cost-effective for them to ship back, so they let us keep it. After making an ass out of myself by sitting in it attempting to ride it like a bathtub racer, Jasmine had to one-up me by crawling completely inside the thing. I bet Tony Soprano has one of these.

Photo of Jasmine France in a big bag.
Don't worry, we gave her a Zune and a PSP to keep her entertained during the flight. She'll be fine. Corinne Schulze / CNET Networks