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See a 'firehose' of lava shooting into the ocean

A National Park Service ranger captures a stunning moment of nature's power as a blood-red flow of lava leaps into ocean water in Hawaii.


A lava flow turns into a torrent.

Bryan Everett/National Park Service

The photo shows a blackened volcanic landscape with a churning steam plume emanating from ocean water. In the middle is a screaming red flow of lava, looking like hell spitting up. It's like a work of fiction, but the image is real, taken by US National Park Service ranger Bryan Everett at Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park.

The US Department of the Interior posted the photo, which was taken on Sunday, to Facebook on Monday. The caption says it "shows a 'firehose' of lava at a full torrent, pouring into the ocean at Kamokuna. The molten rock sends huge clouds of steam and gas into the air as it hits the Pacific." Kamokuna marks a location where lava enters the ocean.

The park service closed the Kamokuna entry point to visitors early in January when a viewing area there collapsed. Everett captured the impressive photo from a safe distance.

"Venturing too close to an ocean entry exposes you to flying debris created by the explosive interaction between lava and water. Also, the new land created is unstable because it is built on unconsolidated lava fragments and sand," the park service cautions in a late January volcano update.

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