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Have a ball with your PC

Just don't drop it on a hillside

The 'Ball PC System' Directron
The 'Barry' lamp Flux

While so many other computer companies are trying to hide their CPUs, a handful of brave mavericks are actually trying to draw more attention to them. But that doesn't mean they're building the standard and deadly boring old gray boxes.

Directron, for example, is selling one that looks more like a rubber ball than a PC--hence its name, the "Ball PC System." Not much is offered in the way of specs, pricing or availability, but SCI FI Tech says the shiny sphere splits open, spaceship-style, to reveal a 40GB hard drive between its hemispheres.

That means it will go perfectly with the "Barry" spherical LED lamp. If you get both of these, you'll be in good sted when the aliens come to take over the world.