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Hauppauge offering card for Intercast

Hauppauge Computer Works will deliver a new add-in card to support PC-TV technology.

Hauppauge Computer Works, one of the leading suppliers of PC video-capture circuit boards, wants to jump-start the market for PC-TVs with the delivery of a new add-in card to support Intel's Intercast technology.

Intercast technology, named as a hybrid of Internet and broadcast, allows PC users to receive a TV broadcast along with Web pages and other online information.

The new WinCast/TV board plugs in to the standard PCI-bus slots found inside of most of the PCs shipped within the last two years and will be available in time to watch NBC's Intercast broadcasts of the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Hauppauge said. For example, a PC user will be able to watch the games in one window while Intercast information about the athletes or the temperature in Atlanta will be automatically displayed in another.

WinCast/TV will be available in retail stores and through online merchandisers in early July. Pricing will start at $149 and will include the WinCast/TV board, an Intel Intercast browser plus software for TV-in-a-window.

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