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Hatchet Jobs: Apple chief bashes Flash again

Adobe has received another tongue-lashing from Steve Jobs, who reportedly described Flash as a "CPU hog" and full of "security holes"

Apple head honcho Steve Jobs has reportedly put the other trainer into Adobe's soft underbelly, giving Flash yet another tongue-lashing during a meeting with Wall Street Journal staff in New York, following the iPad's launch in January. 

According to Valleywag, Jobs responded to questions about the iPad's notorious lack of Flash support by saying the software, on which the majority of Internet video is based, is a "CPU hog". He also allegedly said Flash is a source of "security holes" and that Apple doesn't "spend a lot of energy on old technology", suggesting the software would soon be going the way of the floppy disk.

Jobs has form in belittling Adobe's efforts. At a company-wide meeting of Apple employees following the iPad launch, Jobs was reported to have branded Adobe "lazy" and Flash "so buggy". He also apparently said the software was behind the majority of Mac crashes and added that "no-one will be using Flash. The world is moving to HTML5".

If you ever happen to bump into Jobs on a Cupertino corner, don't mention Google, for the love of God -- unless you want to really see him get his turtleneck in a twist. And consult this article to discover what else has had its fate sealed by the Jobster.