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Hasbro reveals details about Nerf Wii blaster, even more Nerf overkill

Hasbro has revealed information about the Nerf Switch-shot EX-3, a new Nerf-branded dart gun and Wii peripheral. The company also revealed the Nerf Vulcan EBF-25, a belt-fed, motorized, tripod-mounted Nerf machine gun.

Nerf Vulcan EBF-25, the Maxim Gun of foam dart warfare.

Hasbro showed off its entire upcoming Nerf line at Toy Fair, including more about the fabled Nerf Wii blaster revealed last week. No longer just a photo and some passing speculation, the Nerf-branded Wii peripheral now has a name and even more details.

The Nerf Wii blaster is officially called the Switch Shot EX-3, and is part of the Nerf N-Strike line of blasters. The Switch Shot EX-3 functions both as a Wii remote Zapper-like gun peripheral and a Nerf dart blaster, thanks to a removable dart module that clicks into the remote slot. The lower half of the barrel stores two additional Nerf darts, and holds a Nerf N-Strike accessory rail. While it doesn't come with any accessories, the Switch Shot's N-strike rail makes it compatible with the Nerf Recon blaster's red dot sight or the separately sold N-Strike tactical light. The Nerf Switch Shot EX-3 is scheduled to ship in Fall 2008, and will retail for about $13 to $15. The blaster will also be shipped with the upcoming Nerf N-Strike game for the Wii, although Hasbro hasn't announced final pricing or packaging yet. EA and Hasbro are also developing a Nerf N-strike game for the Nintendo DS, though it's not yet known if it will ship with the Switch Shot blaster.

Hasbro also showed off the Nerf Vulcan EBF-25. While it doesn't double as a Wii accessory, the Vulcan stood out as one of the most extreme examples of Nerf warfare yet. The Vulcan is a tripod-mounted, motorized Nerf machine gun that uses an ammo belt and storage box to fire up to 25 Nerf darts without reloading. It runs off of 6 'D' batteries, and it also features an N-strike clip for using additional tactical lights, scopes, or sights. The Vulcan already seems like a fearsome Nerf gun, but its motorized system and pivoting tripod practically beg for some enterprising toy modder to drill, cut, and solder on some servo motors and make their very own Nerf sentry turret. The Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 ships in Fall 2008, with a retail price of $40.