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Has Zuckerberg started killing bison?

Famed hunter-gatherer and part-time Facebook CEO seems to have been eating bison burgers recently. Is he sticking to his stated intention to only eat meat that he kills? So sexy.

Mark Zuckerberg is a man's man.

Please stop that strange guttural noise, thank you. I mean it.

As I mentioned not too long ago, Zuckerberg had vowed to eat only meat from animals he has personally killed.

He began with chickens and pigs. He went on to your personal privacy. But now there are strong suspicions that the future first president of the world has killed and eaten a bison.

Fortune is offering that Zuckerberg secured his hunting license and has been busy blasting at bison. With the result that he recently ate bison burgers.

But will he post his hunting pictures on Google+? Just, you know, to scare 'em a little. Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The intelligenterati, you see, caught a glimpse of these bison burgers on Zuckerberg's Facebook page during his f8 presentation.

Bison is, allegedly, relatively healthy, if you believe the forces of righteousness. It's supposedly low in fat and cholesterol, if that truly means anything. But here's how its alleged healthiness can affect the market: on Amazon, you can pick up a handy sampler of various bison bits for a mere $254.95.

Which leads me to an almost totally unfounded suspicion.

I think the Facebook CEO is going into the bison business. You see, I just sneaked up on a revelation from earlier this year that the bison farmers of America are struggling to keep up with demand for this newfound, healthy delicacy.

Bisons don't grow very fast. A heifer has to have its third birthday party before she can have a baby. So who would be surprised if Zuckerberg secretly had his own bison kingdom where he could delight himself and those closest to him and, perhaps, make a little money on the side?

From Bunsen burners to bison burgers. The path of the modern techno mogul.