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Has Apple lost its edge? (video)

Adventures in Tech explains why -- despite a serious lack of innovative new devices -- Apple isn't about to die.

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Has Apple lost its edge? It's the question bubbling up onto the tongues of tech fans across the globe. But in the newest episode of CNET's Adventures in Tech, we explain why Tim Cook and pals ain't going anywhere just yet.

Where's the new stuff?

Alright, there's no denying that Apple hasn't exactly been setting our collective hearts aflame recently. Meagre upgrades to the iPad, tiny tweaks to the iPhone and modestly modified Macs have become the norm -- but in the video above, we crunch some numbers and show why it's too soon to count Apple out of the fight.

Don't get us wrong, we can see why you'd think Apple is dead in the water. Competition from the likes of Samsung and Google has never been so fierce, or so impressive. Faster and faster iPhones are all well and good, but Apple needs to produce a new kind of device in order to impress us. As our latest feature reveals however, the notion of an over-the-hill Apple isn't as new an idea as you might think.

What's next?

Rumours persist that Apple is cooking up some manner of iWatch, in a bid to migrate its computing powers out of your pocket, and onto your wrist. Sony and Samsung have already cranked out several smart watches in a bid to get ahead of whatever Apple is planning -- but looking at the Galaxy Gear and Sony SmartWatch 2, it's clear that both devices could have used a little extra time in the oven.

What do you want to see next from Apple? Do you agree that the company is far from defeated, or is it circling the drain? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Facebook, and check back next time for more Adventures in Tech.

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