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Harry Potter holiday experience lets you shop like a wizard

A new Harry Potter-themed holiday experience called "Christmas in the Wizarding World" lets you experience the season's magic in a new way.

Shopping for the holidays seems a bit more magical when Harry Potter is involved.

Warner Bros.

It might be summer, but that doesn't mean Harry Potter fans can't get excited about celebrating Christmas J.K. Rowling style.

An upcoming Harry Potter-themed holiday experience called "Christmas in the Wizarding World" will offer a chance to visit Hogsmeade village and shop at Ollivanders, where the Wandkeeper will offer tips for finding the perfect wand. 

A variety of official Harry Potter merchandise -- like house sweaters, plush owls and unusual sweets  -- will be featured in storefronts similar to those seen in the films. 

The new Harry Potter experience launches in select shopping venues this fall. Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Global Experience Specialists, the producers of the international touring exhibition "Harry Potter: The Exhibition," are behind the new experience announced Tuesday. 

The stores featuring the "Christmas in the Wizarding World" attraction have yet to be revealed, but that doesn't mean you can't start making your holiday wish list now. 

Fingers crossed for a butterbeer stand.