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'Harry Potter' vs. 'Twlight' dance battle

A new YouTube video shows just what happens when the crews from Hogwarts and Forks, Wash. meet up in the forest.

The Hogwarts kids have got some magic moves, but are they enough? Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET

YouTuber ScottDW is a rap artist with a unique fetish -- populating his videos with characters from best-loved geek films like "Star Wars," "Star Trek," and now..."Harry Potter" and "Twilight."

That's right. Not content with twerking stormtroopers or having the white-clad denizens of the Galactic Empire take on the cast of "Star Trek," Scott (and his co-writer Brenden) decided to pit Hermione, Harry and Ron (along with a few other wand-waving wizards) against Edward, Bella and Jacob (who are eventually joined by their own backup crew.)

The Potter cast leads things off. "Yo, we the Hogwarts crew. Gotta wand that I know how to use. Expecto Petronum. Back up, you vamps don't know us," they sing, and then let loose with a few blasts from their wands that are easily dodged by the vamp/wolf crew. "Have you seen my face? Do I care bout your witchcraft game? Yeah right, no way. Keep playin' dress-up all day," fires back Bella and company. Both crews are supported by none other than Hagrid on the turntables.

So who wins the epic dance battle -- Twilight kids, Potter crew or wait...is that Gandalf? You're just going to have to watch and decide for yourself. If you dig the song, you can show your support by downloading it for a buck at ScottDW's artist site, Scott and Brendo.