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What do you mean, it was Hurricane Hermine and not Hurricane Hermione?

As the storm quiets down, Potterheads insist that Miss Granger's first name would've been a more magical label.

That face when ... the hurricane almost gets named after you, but is one letter off.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Hurricane Hermine has turned into a post-tropical cyclone, but Harry Potter fans are wishing they had a time-turner so they could go back and give it a proper magical name.

The name "Hermine" has been used for four tropical cyclones, but this was the first time one strengthened into a hurricane, and of course Potterheads noticed. Though it's pronounced "Her-meen," not "Her-my-oh-nee," plenty of storm-watchers confused the two, either accidentally or on purpose.

"Hermine," of German origin, was a popular name for girls in the 1880s, according to the Social Security Administration, and is listed as the feminine version of "Herman."

But "Hermione" is of Greek origin, and was the daughter of Helen of Troy in mythology. Shakespeare also used the name, and that's where author J.K. Rowling plucked it from, saying she wanted an unusual name so a lot of girls with that name wouldn't be teased.

Even former Star Trek star Wil Wheaton admitted to some confusion.

Some just decided it was going to be Hermione to them, no matter what its official name was.

Hurricane-watchers can even look ahead to see what name confusion might be coming with future storms. Potter fans can rest for a while, though: Harry, Ron and Draco are not on the upcoming name lists.

But what's that we see much further down on the 2016 list? Yep, "Arrested Development" fans can start crafting their jokes now. If we're battered with enough storms that the official list makes its way down to the T's, there'll be a "Hurricane Tobias." Banana stands everywhere had better batten down.