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The one thing Indiana Jones can't escape? His theme music

Harrison Ford says he even had to listen to the triumphant John Williams march while at his colonoscopy.


I'll just swap this weighted sack for the ... hey, is that my theme song?


Sometimes it seems like it'd be cool to have your own theme music announcing when you enter a room and maybe getting louder as a dramatic life event approaches. But actor Harrison Ford does have his own theme music, and he reports it can actually get kinda annoying.

Ford appeared on "The Graham Norton Show" this week with Ryan Gosling, who stars with him in the upcoming "Blade Runner 2049." The "Raiders of the Lost Ark" star faced the music about that famed triumphant theme (it's really called "The Raiders March," and was composed -- of course -- by the legendary John Williams).

'"I can't escape the goddamn music," he said on the show. "As I was slightly sedated for a routine colonoscopy, it was playing in an elevator and the other day a fire engine was heading down the street in New York City with the music blaring out!"

Look, Indy, it could've been worse. It could've been snakes.

"Blade Runner: 2049" comes out in Australia on Oct. 5, and in the US and UK on Oct. 6.