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Harris Technology holds all the Acers

Harris Technology is helping customers build their own Acer PC.

Could be a winning hand.

Another customised PC service has arisen in Australia, joining the ranks of Dell and Pioneer Computers, this time under the auspices of Harris Technology. At the moment you can choose from one of three base systems and then customise from there. You can then pick up the PC from a local Harris Technology, or have it delivered within five to 10 business days.

The configuration system is reasonably robust, allowing the user to choose operating systems, CPU, RAM, hard drive, warranty details and more. At this time the three base offerings are definitely SMB focused, consisting of two mid-tower and one small form factor solution. One of the mid tower options though, the Veriton 7900 series, could definitely be specced up to suit the mainstream consumer with little fuss.

We await with interest to see how the program develops.