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Harnessing brainwaves with solar power

Lightweight headset is powered by sunlight and body heat to read electrical impulses.


With all the development of alternative energy today, it was bound to come to this: Introducing solar-powered brainwaves.

Well, not exactly. But this "electroencephalogram device" does use sunlight as well as body heat as a power source for a variety of functions, which researchers hope will include everything from playing video games to monitoring hospital patients, according to Dvice. The lightweight headset, developed by Belgian scientists at the Interuniversity Microelectronics Center, tracks electrical impulses generated by thought or action.

There are many other systems in development to monitor brainwaves in a similar fashion, but this one is focused on portability because no one, especially gamers, wants to be tied down while exercising their telepathic rights. New Scientist says an earlier prototype relied on natural heat from the head alone but sometimes ran out of power--which could be unfortunate on any number of levels, not to mention embarrassing. But no matter what, it's got to be an improvement over stationary gaming headgear we've seen.