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Harness some hydropower to clean your grill

Grill brush uses steam heat to remove grime from your grill.


We've been using steam to do our dirty work for a long time, but never before have I heard of steam being used in cleaning grills.

On the contrary, the only strategy I've heard of to clean off your grill in between barbecues is the ubiquitous grill brush, a long-handled gadget with coarse wire bristles that works something like a toothbrush for the grill surface. I have one of these, but I dread using it, because doing so means spending an afternoon buried in charred remains of last month's burgers.

But this grill brush promises to ease the pain of brushing the leftover gunk off of your backyard grill. The Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush looks much like the standard brush that may be hanging from your barbecue right now, but it has one crucial distinction in the form of a button on the handle. When in the on position, this steam button releases hot steam to help loosen even the thickest layers of grime. It also has a removable head with two sides, giving you a surface brush or a sharp scraping brush.

The Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush is available on Amazon for just under $25.