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Harman Kardon's $600 smart speaker is basically a giant Google Home

Like the Google Home Max, but maybe even beefier.

Harman Kardon

Harman Kardon on Tuesday announced a new smart speaker, the Citation 500, that has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Google Cast to beam audio over your local network, and Google Assistant for voice control. And contrary to some earlier reports, it'll retail for $600, a representative confirmed to CNET.

That still makes it much more expensive than Google's own $400 Google Home Max, but it's possible Harman Kardon's device will offer more potent sound or other comforts. The Citation 500 features 200-watt stereo speakers, a color LCD touch control, and 24bit/96kHz HD audio streaming. 

Harman Kardon, which is owned by Samsung, partnered with European textiles manufacturer Kvadrat to design the wool fabric covering the speakers.

Harman Kardon

"Consumers today are looking for superior sound and superior design, and with the Citation 500, that's exactly what they'll get," said Michael Mauser, president of Harman's lifestyle audio division, in a release (via

The speakers will be showcased at IFA 2018 this week in Berlin, and can be preordered on Harman Kardon's website starting at the end of September. 

Harman Kardon also has a speaker, the Invoke, that has Microsoft's Cortana voice assistant built-in.

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