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Harman hints at new wireless tech

Harman hints at new wireless tech at 2008 CES.

MyGig entertainment unit
Will MyGig receive lossless audio over WiMax in the near future? CNET Networks

At a party during CES, we sniffed out potential new technology from Harman International that combines wireless transmission with lossless audio. We stumbled on a display unit using the MyGig entertainment system, built by Harman for Chrysler, labeled Harman Wireless. A Harman representative on the scene said that he couldn't tell us anything about the technology, so we talked to him for as long as we could to try and get a few details. From what we could piece together, Harman is working on a device that will use some kind of wireless technology, possibly WiMax, to receive lossless audio and play it back in the car. Our Harman representative talked about the low audio quality of MP3, and how Harman would prefer a higher-quality audio format which would use all the potential of its audio hardware. We couldn't determine much from the unit on display, as it looked like a MyGig unit, and we were ejected from the room when a group of Harman clients came in for a demonstration. But we will be on the lookout for new announcements from Harman.