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Harlem Shake Easter egg shows up on YouTube, shakes vids

Google has jumped on board the Harlem Shake craze, letting you transform YouTube into one big dance floor.

It doesn't look like this Harlem Shake craze is going away any time soon. Always one to piggyback the zeitgeist, Google has dropped its own Harlem Shake Easter egg into YouTube -- head there, search for "Do The Harlem Shake" and listen to that infamous song start up.

Nothing much will happen right away, apart from the YouTube logo in the top left corner beginning to shimmy. But as soon as the song gets going, the action begins...

All the screengrabs and corresponding text get shaken up as the key part of the song kicks in. And in true Harlem Shake style, they all do their own thing, with some throbbing, some shaking side to side, and the sidebar leaping up and down like an excited Jack Russell.

It worked perfectly in Chrome -- which is Google's own browser -- but when I tried it in Safari I got only a taste of the full experience. The videos shook once, then stayed still until the end of the song. Which isn't much of a Harlem Shake. It could be something to do with Apple blocking older versions of Flash from Safari.

Google is fond of the odd Easter egg. As well as its Google doodles, which regularly adorn its search engine home page, it occasionally drops in nuggets like this. "Do a barrel roll" is one that springs to mind -- type it into Google, and see what happens. (Fans of Star Fox 64 will know what I'm on about.) And then there was "Let it snow" a couple of Christmases ago, which did just that, sprinkling flakes down the screen like on a crisp winter's morn.

What do you think of the Easter egg? Has the Harlem Shake had its day? And what's your favourite unexpected treat Google has thrown your way? Let me know in the comments, or on Facebook.