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Hard Day's w00t: Beatles come to Rock Band

The special Beatles edition of the popular music videogame will go on sale later this year, featuring new hardware styled after the instruments the band used back in the 60s

Forget iTunes: The Beatles are coming to Rock Band. All together now!

But wait, there's more. Not only will you get to spend a day in the life of your favourite Beatle, you'll get to do so using a new set of Rock Band instruments styled to match those the Fab Four used back in the day.

A special edition of the game will come with a Yoko Ono face mask for girlfriends. This will be used to pry partners from the addictive art of Beatles impersonation in an authentic manner.

Okay, that last bit was a lie.

The Harmonix-developed game, entitled The Beatles: Rock Band, will be a full game in its own right, not just an expansion pack for Rock Band 2. It'll ship simultaneously on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii on 9 September this year.

UK pricing hasn't been announced, but US gamers will pay $60 (£42) for the game, compatible with existing Rock Band hardware, or $249 (£174) for the game complete with Beatles-style instruments.