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Hard-boiled eggs straight from the hen

This cute countertop appliance takes the guesswork out of hard and soft-boiling eggs.

It's almost like being on a farm. Maverick Industries

On Sunday, my son announced that he wanted "eggy." So, my husband grabbed a couple of eggs, filled a pot with water, and we began the process of making hard-boiled eggs.

Did I mention my son is five, and is rather impatient? For the next 30 minutes or so, all we heard was, "I want eggy. Where is my eggy?" So, of course, we pulled the eggs out too soon, they were soft-boiled instead of hard, and my son rejected them as "icky."

If only I had known on Sunday about the Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker. Pop in your eggs, add water, plug it in, and go. According to reviews at Amazon, you'll enjoy hard-boiled eggs in just a few minutes. Henrietta chirps when your eggs are ready, so you no longer have to play the "is it done?" guessing game.

The amount of water and placement of the eggs determines cooking length and method--you can choose from hard or soft-boiled eggs (up to seven at a time), or poached eggs (up to four at a time). Reviews indicate that poaching may be less successful than the other cooking methods.

Prices vary online from about $20 to $40, so shop carefully.