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Social Cues: Harambe can't save you from Dementors

Social media also shines its spotlight on real-life violence, racism and the presidential election.

Defense against the dark arts: Harambe edition.

In the worst news from JK Rowling since Snape killed Dumbledore, Harry Potter's creator broke it to the world that Harambe is not a Patronus.

Naturally, social media got into an uproar over the beloved dead gorilla's exclusion from the Potter universe.

Social Cues is your guide to what's trending on Facebook and Twitter, and what will be buzzing throughout the day. Here is what's trending on Friday:

JK Rowling: Even the author's magical universe couldn't bring Harambe back from the dead. #ExpectoPatronum was trending on Twitter on Thursday afternoon after the Pottermore website released an interactive quiz to "find your patronus." For muggles, a Patronus is like a spirit animal that wards off soul-sucking dementors. When Rowling retweeted a meme of Harambe, the gorilla killed in the Cincinnati Zoo in May, as a Patronus, Twitter beat its chest in excitement. Then the fun -- like Harambe -- died, when she broke the bad news that "Harambe is not a Patronus."

"Hate White People": A North Carolina congressman earned social media's spotlight for his comments to BBC about the Charlotte protests. US Rep. Robert Pittenger told reporters that protesters "hate white people because white people are successful and they're not." When his comment backfired, Pittenger took an apology tour across Twitter, writing that he regretted his words. "My intent was to discuss the lack of economic mobility for African Americans because of failed policies. I apologize to those I offended and hope we can bring peace and calm to Charlotte," the politician said in a series of tweets.

Netflix: Facebook users are marking their calendars for binge season with what's new and what's leaving Netflix. The "Back to the Future" trilogy will exit Netflix in October, as will "The Truman Show" and all four seasons of "Heroes." Even so, your heart will go on as "Titanic" comes to Netflix, as well as "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

Ohio County Trump Campaign Chair: Kathy Miller, a volunteer campaign chair for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, quit after she went viral on social media for claiming racism didn't exist before 2008. "I don't think there was any racism until Obama got elected," she said in a video by The Guardian. Miller later apologized for her remarks as she resigned from her position.

New Clinton: Trump supporters are using this trending topic on Twitter to criticize Hillary Clinton on her health and her email scandal. Meanwhile, the Democratic presidential nominee has released a new attack ad targeting Trump's comments on women. The 30-second clip shows individual girls as audio plays of Trump comments, such as "she's a slob," "she ate like a pig" and "a person who is flat-chested, it's very hard to be a 10." The clip ends with the question: "Is this the president we want for our daughters?"