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Happy Tree Friends game coming soon

Mondo Media, Signatures Network, and Flashman Studios in search of publisher to bring the Happy Tree Friends to consoles.

The Happy Tree Friends start off like any other cutesy cartoon. Bunnies, chipmunks, beavers, and more hop about with smiles while sucking on lollipops, basically making them disgustingly adorable.

Then it happens...the dismembering, bloodletting, and eye-gouging. It's this sort of twisted humour and general gross-out gore that's turned the Internet cartoon into a television show, as well as fueled the creation of toys and other merchandise.
Soon, gamers will be able to get in on the cute creature carnage. Mondo Media, Signatures Network, and Flashman Studios are actively seeking a publisher to bring the brand to the gaming market.

"It's an almost perfect brand for video games. The simple, cute, and hugely appealing graphical style, combined with the very dark, clever humour and the cartoon violence, provides a wonderful opportunity for the video games market to tap into a huge global fan base," said Brad Young, chief executive officer of Flashman Studios.

For more information on The Happy Tree Friends, head over to the official Web site.

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