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Happy anti-Valentine's! Slow-mo video blows up the cuteness

If Valentine's Day makes you feel more queasy and annoyed than warm and fuzzy, check out this video that explodes a few cherished symbols of love.

If the annual tradition of couples declaring their love with cliched gifts of chocolates and roses and cards filled with flying diapered babies and pink hearts makes you want to blow something up, you're not alone.

Those crazy Russian guys over at the Slo Mo Lab YouTube channel are right there with you.

They've made a string of videos that show the cool and quirky all ratcheted down to super-slow speeds. In one of their latest vids, they shove firecrackers into a teddy bear, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, a giant chocolate kiss, and of course a rose. Oh, and there's a banana too.

While the effect of watching this stuff explode in real time isn't that dramatic, when the guys slow it all down, things get pretty interesting. I have to admit, even though I've got a Valentine to spend Saturday with, there was something deeply satisfying about seeing that box of chocolates go flying. Don't you agree?