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HANNspree expands into digital photo frames

LCD TV and monitor company does the inevitable and starts building up a line of digital photo frames starting with a cheapy 7-incher and "unique" 8-inch models.

HANNspree--probably best known for its oddball LCD TV designs--has decided it's no longer satisfied being in just the TV and monitor markets and Monday announced the availability of two digital picture frames.

The $99.99, 8-inch wide-screen HANNspree SD80M4MB (catchy name, right?) features three, themed ceramic interchangeable faceplates: Christmas (HANNsxmas, pictured), birthdays (HANNssweet), and Valentine's Day (HANNsvalentine). The company also throws in two plain ol' frame backings so you can use the two faceplates that are not in use on the photo display as regular frames for photo prints.

The SD80M4MB is loaded up with standard digital photo frame features like the ability to play audio and video files, autorotation of images, slide-show functionality, calendar and alarm clock, a 6-in-1 memory card reader, a remote control, and 256MB internal memory.

If all that is more frame than you need or want, HANNspree is also shipping the SD7021. The features are cut considerably (for instance internal memory drops to a paltry 8MB) and it's smaller with a 7-inch wide-screen display, but it can be had for around $40. I doubt the quality of a $40, 7-inch LCD will be all that good, but it's certainly cheap and easy.