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Hang tight! Clothes hanger gets modern makeover

The SOLO clothes hanger collapses with a quick touch to free your garments single-handedly. It's one of the latest crowd-sourced inventions to reach the market through design collaborative Quirky.

SOLO hanger
Let's just hang out. Quirky

I've had some epic battles with my closet clothes hangers. They're clingy and don't want to hand over my jackets, shirts, and sweaters without a fight.

I'm putting my hangers on notice. If they don't behave, I'm going to replace them with Quirky's collapsible SOLO hangers.

SOLO hanger close up
The SOLO looks like it could eat a regular hanger. (Click to enlarge.) Quirky

SOLO hangers are eager to please. A one-handed squeeze releases the locking mechanism and frees your clothes immediately.

Quirky is home to a community of inventors and supporters who come up with offbeat and practical gadgets and gear like pivoting power strips and cord tamers, lightbulb-shaped alarm clocks, and super-cute tripods.

The hanger reimagining comes courtesy of engineer Howard Tseng. It became reality with the backing of more than 300 Quirky users, known in the design collaborative as "influencers."

The SOLO is available in sets of four in white or black for $10.99.

Now I'm just waiting for the SOLO hangers to get together with these RFID hangers to automatically figure out what I'm going to wear every morning. What, jeans and a T-shirt again? No surprise there.