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Handy chart helps you plan your life around superhero films

Get your calendars out! The next six years will be full of superhero cinema, and this infographic helps you plan for every action-packed minute.

Is this what the next few years of your life will look like? (Click to enlarge.) Comics Alliance

If you've been overwhelmed by news of all the superhero movies set to hit, welcome to the club. It seems like just about every day there's some tidbit or another about one of the many upcoming films from either the DC or Marvel stable. It's getting so that it's going to take a Professor X-style super-brain to keep them all straight.

Being that most of us are unlikely to develop super-psyches however, it's a good thing that Dylan Todd over at Comics Alliance has put together this handy timeline that lays out Hollywood's plans for bringing big heroes (and villains) to the big screen.

The graphic details 33 movies and, though several of them are tagged with "unknown date" or even "unknown movie," it's still a helpful guide to what's coming down the pipeline super-cinema-wise in the next few years.

For example, now you'll know not to plan any vacations in 2017, because with a whopping 10 superhero films slated, you'll be plenty busy. Plus, there's always the chance that any of the seven "year unknown" films shown at the bottom of the graphic could get thrown in.

In addition to helping you plan your social life for the next six years, the infographic also provides some interesting trivia:

"Of all the movies on this timeline, including those with no release year announced, it's worth noting that only two have female solo leads, compared to eighteen with male solo leads," says the analysis below the graphic on the site. "One of those female solo movies is 'Wonder Woman;' the other is a 2017 movie for Sony's Spider-Man franchise with an unidentified lead. All of the ensemble movies that we have cast information for are also male-dominated.

"Two of the solo movies have a person of color as the lead; 2018's 'Aquaman,' starring Jason Momoa, and 2020's 'Cyborg,' starring Ray Fisher. Dwayne Johnson is also one of the leads and thus far the only named star of 2019's 'Shazam,' but he's playing the villain Black Adam rather than the title character."

So, what do you think? Which of these superfilms are you the most excited to see? Personally, I'm kind of pumped for "Aquaman." Let us know which ones you'll be saving your pennies for in the comments below.