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Handspring to lower Visor's price

Two models of the handheld will become less expensive, a week after the company cut prices on other devices.

Handspring plans on Sunday to chop the price of two of its Visor models, a week after it cut the price on another device.

The handheld maker said it will drop the price of its Visor Pro from $249 to $229 and cut the price of its entry-level Visor Neo from $199 to $169.

The Pro is distinguished by its 16MB of memory, compared with 8MB for most handhelds running on the Palm operating system. The Neo is now Handspring's entry-level model, with the company having halted production of the Deluxe, Platinum and original Visor models.

Last week Handspring cut the price of its slow-selling Visor Edge to $199 from $249.

The cuts in price for Handspring's traditional organizer products come as the company is launching its Treo cell phone/organizer combo device. The company started taking orders for the device on its U.S. Web site Sunday after earlier shipping the product in Asia.

Handspring has said that it plans, over time, to phase out its line of disconnected organizers in favor of selling wirelessly connected products like the Treo.