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Handspring takes edge off Visor price

After lukewarm response for the Visor Edge handheld, the company lops $30 off the price of the monochrome device.

Handspring is planning another price drop for its thin Visor Edge, a monochrome, Palm-based handheld that has received a lukewarm response from analysts and consumers.

On Sunday, Handspring will lower the price to $269, a $30 drop from its current price and $130 less than it cost when it was introduced in March.

Both Palm and Handspring have seen lower demand for high-end monochrome models as buyers willing to pay several hundred dollars for a device were willing to pay slightly more for a color model.

In addition, the product did not contain Handspring's hallmark Springboard expansion slot for adding memory and other accessories. The Edge could accept such modules only with a somewhat cumbersome add-on backpack.

The Handspring cut comes amid a flurry of other price moves as handheld makers try to lure holiday shoppers. Just this week, Palm cut $50 off the price of its midrange m125, Sony cut the price of its high-end model, and Compaq Computer launched a $50 rebate on one of its new iPaq models.