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Handspring, Sprint team on Treo deal

Device maker Handspring and cellular carrier Sprint on Monday announced a promotion for the Treo 300, a combination cell phone and handheld device. The promotion, which lasts until March 30, gives customers up to $100 off the Treo 300. New and current Sprint subscribers get $50 off the $500 device when they purchase it from Handspring and an additional $50 off if they sign up for new service from Sprint. The Treo 300 allows consumers to browse the Web and receive and send e-mail using the built-in keyboard.

Mountain View, Calif.-based Handspring has been trying to shift the focus of its business from selling handheld organizers to its Treo communicator devices. For the quarter ended Dec. 28, 2002, Handspring sold about 54,000 communicators, a 23 percent increase on the previous quarter.