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Hands-on with Zune Originals HD designs

Get a hands-on look at some of the custom-etched designs and color options available for the Zune HD from the Zune Originals store.

Photo of custom etching designs for the Zun HD portable media player.
The Zune Originals online store offers tons of colors and etching designs for the Zune HD.

You've held your tongue through all the Apple iPod propaganda. Resisted the temptation to put a stock, 32GB Zune HD on pre-order. You've scrimped and saved and patiently waited until the day when you could order your own unique blue, green, red, custom-etched, deluxe-packaged Zune Originals Zune HD.

Well, dear Zune-ster, that day has come. As of September 15, you can now log onto the Zune Originals online store and design your very own dream Zune HD. Beyond the two capacity options (16GB and 32GB), and five colors (black, platinum, green, blue, and red), you also get access to more than 50 etchings and the ability to inscribe your own personal message.

The downside to the whole Zune Originals option is that you're paying full price for your Zune HD, plus a few dollars more for some designs, and of course, there's shipping. But hey, what's a few extra bucks when it comes to letting your iPod-avoiding freak flag fly?

To get a better sense of the colors and designs available from Zune Originals, check out our hands-on photo gallery.