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Hands-on with the Philips MCM770 hi-fi: Baby of the bunch

Last but not least in the new Philips Heritage range of hi-fis, is the MCM770 -- an entry-level system not short of style, and we've just been poking it here at IFA

Sat playing with rattles and train sets in the corner is the baby of the new hi-fis in Philips' Heritage series of home audio systems -- the MCM770.

It holds the entry-level tag of the three models we've looked at today, but follows in its older brothers' footsteps in terms of design and target market.

Its cute, traditional aluminium hi-fi design sits between a pair of solid wooden speaker enclosures, housing a two-way drive system. It'll output a total of 30W per channel and in our brief listening session it was clearly an entry-level system, with a mostly mid-range-driven sound, but a pleasant one nonetheless -- as long as the price is right.

Availability and exact prices are yet to be disclosed, but, like the rest of the new Heritage hi-fis, we'd expect it to be in shops by Christmas, hopefully not breaking the £180 mark. -Nate Lanxon