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Hands-on with the Pentax Optio M60

The Pentax Optio M60 may pack 10 megapixels and features like a 5x optical zoom, but forget that -- look at the little smiley face!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin. The Pentax Optio M60 may be beefed up with spec sheets to match other compact cameras, yet there's something about the design that just can't shake the toy-like feel. Y'know: for kids! The numbers are plenty decent: 10-megapixel resolution, face-finding for up to 32 fizzogs, and 24 shooting modes.

Another impressive feature is a 5x optical zoom lens, although it's not especially wide at 36mm, equivalent to a 35mm camera. The 64mm (2.5-inch) screen looks dwarfish next to many others these days.

The camera comes in a choice of red, black and blue, finished with silver metal accents. We like the stretched effect caused by the off-centre lens, and the little touches of red that offset the main colour. It's also stunningly light at 128g.

The Pentax Optio M60 is available now for around £100. This Crave was brought to you by the letter M.

Those shooting modes, including three portrait modes, kids and food, are each represented by a cutesy icon. The buttons are rounded and plasticky, with friendly large-lettered labels. The face-detection icon is a big happily smiling emoticon that looks like a photographic Tickle-Me Elmo, beaming away with delight that you're about to take a picture. And yes, the cat noise is still there, giving you the choice to make the camera meeow when you squeeze the shutter.