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Hands-on with the Moto Rizr and Krzr

Hands-on with the Moto Rizr and Krzr

We spent some time with the new Motorola Krzr and Rizr models. As this is the first time we've seen the phones in person, we were eager to get a closer look. Styled in a very appealing blue, the Krzr is far sharper than the Razr, and we like the narrower form factor. (From what we hear, female users thought the Razr was too wide.) The glass front is interesting, though it attracts more fingerprints than a crime scene. Motorola promises the glass will stand up to cracking and scratches, and indeed the phone feels quite solid in the hand.

The Rizr is also quite attractive, and the slider form factor is a nice change for Motorola. The navigation array and keypad buttons have a bit of texture, which makes it easier to dial by feel than previous Razr and Slvr models. We have a feeling we'll see carrier announcements soon, so stay tuned.