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Hands on with the Manfrotto Modopocket

Hands on with the Manfrotto Modopocket tabletop tripod.


While good full-size tripods are readily available, good tabletop camera supports are not always so easy to find. Tabletop supports run the gamut from bean bags to miniature tripods and usually lack somehow either in how much weight they can hold or in how adjustable they are.

The Manfrotto Modopocket, however, is a tiny but powerful camera support.

The Modopocket supports up to 1 pound, which covers almost all point-and-shoots and even some lightweight dSLRs. Its innovative design allows it to fold up flat for easy storage in a pocket of your camera bag, or almost anywhere. It looks like a big door hinge when folded up and you use a coin or such to attach it to the tripod socket on the bottom of the camera. It functions best with cameras with the tripod socket in the center.

The Modopocket feels very sturdy and solidly built, especially for being so small. A small cable runs from one leg to the other that allows it to stay in position if you tilt it forward or backward a bit to angle the camera. One of its coolest features is that it can be folded up while still attached to the camera for ease of use, and so you just don't lose it. Also, with it attached to the camera, the camera can still be attached to a tripod, so that whether on a tripod or not your little Modopocket is always attached and ready.

The tripod worked great with several point-and-shoots, and even with a Canon Rebel XSi and an 18-55 lens, and it didn't feel like it was going to collapse. The Manfrotto Modopocket sells for around $25.