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Hands-on with the Logic3 i-Station Traveller for iPhone

We might not be getting the iPhone for a while yet, but Logic3 has killer accessory for when the time comes. The i-Station Traveller for iPhone is a cute speaker system with a powerful sound

Just because us Brits aren't getting the iPhone for a while, doesn't mean we shouldn't be prepared for when we do. It's coming soon, folks. Real soon. Although we were lucky enough to see one in Germany of all places, we also got to see the world's first iPhone speaker system in action from Logic3.

We loved the company's little i-Station Traveller. Its small size and diminutive price meant it was perfect for getting mudded up on a camping trip. Now the iPhone gets to experience the same muddy adventures with the i-Station Traveller... for iPhone. It's fundamentally a larger version of the original Traveller, but it's much larger, and the Messiah Phone slots into place quite nicely. We checked out some videos through the setup and heard some good (not to mention loud) sound quality pump from the AAA-powered speakers.

For those of you who think the iPhone sucks, the Traveller can be resized to fit a boring old mobile phone or even a regular iPod.

The speakers will be released in October for around £29. For those of you stateside who already have an iPhone, these great little additions for it will be dollars well spent. -Nate Lanxon