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Hands-on with the Klipsch iGroove SXT iPod dock

It's an iPod speaker system made by a high-end speaker manufacturer, and it costs about a hundred quid. You're lying if you tell us you're not at least intrigued

Put down your crack pipes kids, 'cos we're going to talk about the stuff you need to get your parents to buy you. It's an affordable iPod speaker system and it's made by a company called Klipsch, which makes really good loudspeakers. Go on, have a look at your dad's hi-fi. If he spent more on it than he has done on you in your whole life, it's possible his speakers are made by Klipsch.

This iPod dock is interesting for a couple of reasons: firstly, it's made by an audiophile speaker company, just like the Bose SoundDock. Secondly, it costs a fraction of the SoundDock's price tag, and a fraction of the RRP of the Tannoy i30 -- the latter being one of our favourite iPod speaker systems (and available much cheaper online).

Klipsch's iGroove SXT costs about £100 and offers a build-quality far exceeding what we'd normally expect of a setup of this price. With its twin woofers and twin tweeters, it offers a warm sound overall, with solid upper bass, decent mids and fairly good highs. The high end is the weakest area, as it lacks a certain brightness more costly systems offer.

On the whole we're extremely pleased, and took the system home over the weekend for 48 hours of pulverising its little drivers and exhausting its class D amplifier. Our final point to note is that it's not ideal for hardcore dance music fans, as it's just too small to convey house-wrecking bass lines. But for £100, what do you expect? Have a look at Griffin's Amplifi if bass is your primary concern.

Look out for our review early this week. iPod users on a budget won't want to miss this. -Nate Lanxon

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