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Hands-on with the HTC Touch Dual

Fed up that your HTC Touch doesn't have a standard mechanical keypad or 3G? Worry no more as the HTC Touch Dual should fit the bill

The HTC Touch caused something of an uproar when it was launched as many people thought it was just an iPhone rip-off -- primarily because it had a touchscreen. But the Touch ran on Windows Mobile, making it an altogether different beast.

Featuring a bespoke interface called TouchFLO, the Touch invited users to caress its screen to access applications and other parts of the phone. Unfortunately, the touchscreen wasn't great for everything -- and worse still, there was no 3G.

HTC's response to people's complaints about the Touch is the Touch Dual, a phone that at first sight looks identical to its older brother, but actually conceals a slide-out standard keypad and HSDPA (3.5G) instead of Wi-Fi.

"No Wi-Fi!" we hear you cry. Well, nope, but the HSDPA does mean you don't have to find a hot spot, and as long as you're on a flat-rate data tariff you're laughing.

The keypad, while not the prettiest one out there, does make it easier to dial numbers and text using one hand, something you couldn't do properly on the Touch.

Our first impressions are that the Touch Dual is an improvement on the Touch in certain respects, but we're still unsure about Windows Mobile being suited to a touchscreen interface. It's out now for £385 SIM-free from eXpansys and should be available free on a contract shortly. Expect a full review soon.

Update: A full review of the HTC Touch Dual is now live on the site. -Andrew Lim