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Hands-on with the Gear4 StreetParty Size 0 iPod speakers

Gear4's StreetParty Size 0 iPod speakers are so thin they're almost invisible. They're also pretty affordable and well built, too. Are these speakers the Kate Moss of the iPod world?

Thin is in. You know it, right? Gear4 knows it, and in response it has released a speaker dock with dimensions that are usually reserved for supermodels -- the StreetParty Size 0. It's so thin, in fact, it even gives that Flat Stanley bloke a run for his two-dimensional money. It clocks in at just 17mm (0.7-inches) thick and the iPod docking area cleverly folds away into the body of the system itself.

Okay, so our tests prove it's no 300W Marshall valve amp but it'll help you party in the street, with the added bonus that looks invisible when viewed side-on*. With a weight of only 300g it's obviously been counting those calories to good effect, but it still packs a cute 6W from its twin tweeters and 3W courtesy of the  twin low-resonance drivers.

The Size 0 is powered by either an AC adaptor or a pair of AA batteries and can be operated -- as if by magic -- with an infrared remote control (also thin). It charges your 'Pod while it's docked, functions as a PC dock for syncing with iTunes and can be used with other audio players via a 3.5mm line-in socket. It's got a solid feel and would certainly survive a beating inside a backpack during those long treks up mountains or a fun-filled family outing down mine shafts.

If you fancy pumping your beats through this slender piece of kit, it'll cost you around £40 any time from now. For those of you eager for more info, check back soon for our full review. -Nate Lanxon

*Not strictly true, nothing 17mm thick is invisible. But is very slim indeed.