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Hands-on with Sony's SmartBand: MWC daily round-up

As well as Sony's SmartBand, today at MWC saw Motorola reveal it'll release a smart watch later this year.

Wednesday is usually the hump day of any tech trade show. The big guns have announced their main products, and everyone is generally a bit tired. But there's still plenty going on at MWC. Like Sony's SmartBand, for example, that we went hands-on with.

Throw in Sony's wearable camera concept that tracks everything you do, some cool new in-car tech, and news of a Motorola smart watch, and you've got quite a day.

We saw a deluge of fitness tracker wristbands at CES in January, but Sony's SmartBand promises to go one further. Instead of just logging your movement, it tracks your whole life. You can add "life bookmarks", and the device will remember where you were, with who, and what you were doing, along with any photos you took. It'll go on sale next month.

Talking of the wrist, Motorola is making a smart watch. One exec spilled the beans at MWC, saying the device will "solve real user problems" and will look more like an item of jewellery. Motorola will announce the device later this year.

Still with wearables, how about a camera that records everything you do? That's the idea behind the Sony Lifelog. It looks like the Autographer, and could use the same Lifelog app as Sony's SmartBand. The Autographer was a nice idea, but failed to take off in part because of its high price. It'll be interesting to see if this concept ever makes it to the shop shelves. It's good to see Sony getting all conceptual on us though. Let's not forget that techy tennis racket it showed off at CES last month.

In other news, Samsung has shown off the latest version of Tizen, and Ford has launched an app that helps you find a parking space. All in a day's work at MWC.

For everything MWC, check out, or come back tomorrow for another daily round-up.