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Hands-on: The seductively alluring iRiver Clix 2

The second generation of iRiver's Clix had us more excited than almost any other player this year -- our first impressions are exceedingly high

We waited, we waited a little longer and then waited some more. Finally, it arrived, and it was totally worth the wait. We are of course talking about iRiver's Clix 2 -- officially named just 'Clix', second generation.

On arrival at Crave HQ it soon attracted a crowd, with gadget-loving hands grabbing from all directions. Our first impression after opening the expensive-looking box, was 'fwoar, what a gorgeous piece of kit'.

While the front of the player is glossy and reflective, the back is finished in a delicate matte. The AMOLED screen is bright and crisp, and the menus are devilishly attractive. Unsurprisingly, pictures are stunningly well displayed -- even the preloaded images are professional in their allure. The screen is so sharp that lines of text only 1mm high are frighteningly easy to read, and with a 56mm (2.4-inch) screen, you can fit in a whole lot of lines.

As you may just be able to tell, we're very taken with this little player. It really is rather delightful -- we can't wait to put it through our gruelling tests as we review it to within an inch of its digital life. Expect a full review, photo gallery and video overview soon. We've got the 4GB version, which will be available in May for about £150. You're going to want one, we promise. -Nate Lanxon

Update: A full review of the iRiver Clix 2 is now live.